ebebek is a website and chain of stores that covers all the needs of the mother and the baby from prenatal period to 4 years of age, that welcomes you 24 hours a day with quality products, friendly staff, high service standards, affordable prices, expert knowledge and after-sales support.


Bebekoloji is the science of understanding and explaining the baby. ebebek defines all family members who always want the best for their baby, search for the best for their shopping, and act meticulously, carefully and sensitively as Bebeveyns (term for ebebek's customers). Bebekologs are ebebek employees who are informed about the needs of babies and share what they know. The Bebekolog is as attentive and concerned as s/he is specially trained, well-equipped, knowledgeable.


Human Health: Use of Smoke

For 10 years, all of our employees, both in our stores and in our headquarters, in short at ebebek, are individuals who do not smoke in their private lives. Not smoking is our top priority criteria in our recruitment. As ebebek, our aim with this rule is to draw attention to the right of babies to live in a smoke-free area, to respect the smell sensitivities of expectant mother bebeveyns, who come to our stores to shop, and to work with individuals who are aware of healthy living.

Working with Young People with Down Syndrome

Since 2017, our young people with Down Syndrome have been actively involved in the project, which we carried out with the support and cooperation of the Down Syndrome Association, which aims to provide equal opportunities and strengthen their indispensable place in the society, by combating the discrimination faced by individuals with Down Syndrome from infancy at all ages and positions.

Bebecology in Anatolia Project

Since 2015, we organize our Bebekoloji Meetings every month in shopping malls in different cities of Anatolia. Our biggest expectation is to spread to various provinces of Anatolia and bring our parents together with specialist doctors whom they have difficulty in reaching. At this point, we continue to meet with mothers and expectant mothers in 12 provinces by reaching from Edirne to Erzurum.