Everest Talent Program is a career and talent program that includes long-term store work inducted for the university students, who have an interest in e-commerce & retail, and wish to pursue a career in the store or the head office of the retail department.


Are You Ready to Climb to the Peak of Your Career in Retail?

Are you eager to build a career in the retail sector and swiftly ascend the ladder of success? Then we have the perfect program for you!

With the Everest Journey Young Talent Program, you can lay the foundation for your career in-store and seize the opportunity to become a retail manager by rapidly climbing the promotion ladder.

Within the program, you can climb the career ladder through promotions based on your achievements.

In addition to all the rewards:

If you're promoted to Regional Manager, you'll also receive rewards including an English language school experience in UK and a visit to explore ebebek's operations in the UK!

While completing your 4-year undergraduate education, you can be assigned to a Bebekolog position in our ebebek stores (a term that we use for our employees instead of Sales Representatives) and continue your career development with the responsibilities and projects given to you at the same time. After working in our stores for at least 6 months, you may apply for our internship and Assistant Specialist vacancies in our head office.

If you wish to gain a different experience during your Everest Talent Program, you can apply for an internship at another institution after the first three months as long as you inform our team.

Before you can start your brand-new internship, you need to stay at the store you started the program for at least the three months. If you think that you will not be able to continue for the first three months due to your internship, you can apply in the next application period.


Everest Talent Program is not a short-time internship program that you will only participate in the head office departments. It is a long-term talent program that you will be working as a part-timer in the store.


ebebek aims to be the leading retail brand that shapes the sector worldwide, therefore, to follow through this vision in the future as well, we believe in the teams that develop and grow within the company culture and grasp retail sale by working at our stores. We believe the employees who started their early career at ebebek can make us achieve our future vision as they are already familiar with all the ethical codes of ebebek and our Bebekoloji Philosophy.


Our Everest Climbers start the program with the 1st camp.


Students participating in the programme may get points and win different rewards with their points when they satisfy spesific conditions regardless of their year in the university.

• Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

• Book Reading and Analysis

• Watching and Analyzing Movies

• Online Trainings

• Bebekoloji Education and Exam

• Tracking School Success

• Managers' Evaluation

E- Camp Process

In our career and talent program Everest Journey, while our Everest Passengers continue to work in the store, we bring them together with our Headquarters departments with our online development program e-kamp.

With e-kamp, we aimed for our Everest Passengers to learn about the business processes in the departments and to get to know the department they intend to work in. Moreover, the fact that our e-kamp program is continuous allows them to experience not only a single department, but several departments throughout their educational life.


Technological Shopping Award to our top ranked climbers at the end of the year,

Bonus for getting full points from 3 projects in a row,

Quarterly bonus for any Everest Climber,

After the year-1, our top two climbers receives mentoring with Şerpa Mentoring Programme.

At the end of year-2, our term winner have the opportunity of language training in London and the other 3 certified training opportunities!


Who can apply?

Any formal education student,

who is open to learning, patient,

and future-oriented and,

is able to work in our stores

while studying!

Who can apply?

Any formal education student,

who is open to learning, patient,

and future-oriented and,

is able to work in our stores

while studying!


• You earn money by working part-time in the stores. 
• Once you complete the programme with success, you will have the application priority in our recruitment process.
• You may have the opportunity to go abroad with the points you collect during the programme.
• You earn bonus rewards in addition to your salary in every 3 months. 
• You can be more confident about your future thanks to Career Coaching. 
•  You may participate in the self-development trainings in the country or abroad. 
• You may get involved in professional trainings.




The applications are open for 3 weeks in each period.

Our next application time is in October. If you do not want to miss the next application period, you may drop us your e-mail address.